5 Tips to keeping your sofa looking brand new.

5 Tips to keeping your sofa looking brand new. - House Of Brands

Are you looking to keep your furniture feeling fresh and new for as long as possible? With the right tools and the proper care you can achieve this. Here at house of brands we want you purchases from us to be an investment that lasts.

1) Regularly vacuum your furniture's fabric: Use a soft bristle brush attachment to remove any dust, hairs, dirt that may have accumulated over time. Ensure you use a soft bristled brush as this will not harm your furniture.

2)Trim them pesky fabric pills: Fabric pilling is the term used to describe loose strands or balls of fibre that form on fabrics. You can easily treat this in multiple ways the best being a Conair Fabric Defuzzer. You can also use a pumice stone or a pill comb to manually brush away fabric pills.

3) Protecting your furniture against sun damage: We understand that letting in natural lights can make your home feel brighter and larger however this can cause all sorts of damage to your furniture. You can prevent this by moving your furniture our of direct sun light, having curtains in place, installing window film to block heat and UV rays, mounting solar blinds to your window frames.

4) Regularly clean your leather sofa: Leather can also be vacuumed with a soft bristled brush attachment and you can wipe it down with a lightly dampened soft cloth. First thing you need to do is remove any debris with the vacuum and brush attachment, then dampen a soft cloth or sponge with distilled water and mild dish soap. Lightly wipe down your leather furniture from top to bottom and dry with a clean cloth. DO NOT LET WATER SIT. Vacuum and clean on a monthly bases.  

5) Fluff your cushions on a weekly bases: Weekly fluffing will help to maintain their form and keep them comfortable. Also, avoid removing the cover to your cushions. some seat cushions will come with a zipper, but once you have removed the cover from the foam it is almost impossible to out back on. Instead we suggest if you are to spill anything you are to spot clean your cushions instead of throwing them into the washing machine. You can use upholstery wipes to help remove the stains from any of our fabrics.

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