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Courtney Blue Dining Chair

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Introducing the Courtney Blue Dining Chair, a stunning blend of luxury and durability designed to enhance your dining experience. This exquisite chair features sumptuous velvet fabric and a robust black solid rubber wood frame, making it both a stylish and practical choice for your home.

The rich blue velvet fabric of the Courtney Dining Chair adds a touch of opulence to any dining room. Its soft, plush texture provides an inviting seat, ensuring that every meal is a comfortable and enjoyable experience. The deep blue color brings a bold yet elegant flair to your decor, seamlessly fitting into various interior styles, from modern to classic.

The chair’s solid back design offers excellent support, allowing you and your guests to dine comfortably for extended periods. This ergonomic feature is not only aesthetically pleasing but also enhances your dining experience by providing necessary support.

Built with black solid rubber wood, the Courtney Blue Dining Chair is exceptionally durable and stable. The solid wood construction ensures that the chair can withstand daily use while maintaining its elegant appearance. The black finish of the wood creates a striking contrast against the rich blue velvet, making the chair a standout piece in any dining room.

In addition to its striking appearance and sturdy construction, the Courtney Blue Dining Chair is designed with practicality in mind. The velvet fabric is not only luxurious but also easy to clean and maintain, ensuring that your chair remains beautiful and inviting over time.

To sum up, the Courtney Blue Dining Chair combines luxurious velvet fabric, a supportive solid back, and a durable black solid rubber wood frame to create a dining chair that is both stylish and functional. This chair is the perfect choice for those who appreciate comfort and elegance in their dining space.

Product Features

  • Velvet Fabric
  • Black Solid Rubber Wood
  • Blue Colour


  • W:55cm x D:65ccm x H:102cm